We believe the most successful package design is multifaceted, artfully bringing together many surfaces and skillfully organizing a multitude of information. Our approach is equally diverse, adeptly and efficiently connecting all of the necessary elements in fresh new ways, resulting in striking shelf presence.


We take a deep dive into your brand, researching the category and taking note of competitors. We look for ways to differentiate your package from a “sea of sameness,” and begin building packaging ideas that stand apart from the crowd…exploring potential bottle shapes, box configurations, labeling — anything and everything that might lend itself towards uniquely expressing your brand.


During the design stage we develop several packaging concepts with a range of styles and forms. We think hard about hierarchy of information, structural integrity, materials, and how it all works together to best communicate and represent your product in a retail setting.


Once you’ve chosen a preferred packaging concept we evolve it further, fine-tuning the details and incorporating all necessary information and assets including photography, iconography, copy and other design elements. We are happy to see each project through the production process, selecting substrates and working with dielines and printers to get your finished product out into the world.

Crown Maple Artisan Series
Woodford Reserve
The Kombucha Shop
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel
Mrs. Weinstein’s