Environment & Retail

Creating an experience through environment gives your space meaning and purpose. We help you take consumers on a journey that’s effortless, enjoyable and memorable…from compelling exterior signage to an inviting interior; from point of sale displays to the checkout process; or from menu to takeout boxes.


We listen to your expertise in order to develop an understanding of the needs, goals, and limitations of your space. We start to collect images of inspiration —building exteriors, materials, flooring, lighting, fixtures, uniforms, wayfinding, and more — to lead us through the creative process.


We keep our design process flexible and collaborative to adapt to your specific needs. Depending on your project, we might develop several concept sketches of layouts and design directions, or we might work with an architect to provide more detailed renderings of interiors and materials.


We enjoy working alongside architects, builders, contractors, developers, and other experts in the field to ensure all the details are taken care of and your vision is realized. Whether it’s a retail environment, restaurant, or corporate, we always stay true to your brand as it expands to physical form.

Straight Line Theory
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