New Hire: Leslie Olson


We’re thrilled to introduce the world to our new design intern, Leslie Olson! Leslie comes to us from Concordia University, where she is weeks away from completing her post-baccalaureate program following a bachelor’s degree in journalism (why isn’t she writing this?) at the University of Minnesota.

Leslie is a lifelong illustrator with a passion for listening to and playing music, specializing in singing Bossa Nova classics and acoustic covers of Joni Mitchell’s greatest hits. Her gastronomic pursuits include perfecting homemade pizza, exploring MN’s expansive microbrewery scene, and tirelessly searching out the best scone + Americano combination from local coffee shops.





Last weekend, Leslie was one of seven scholarship winners at AIGA Minnesota’s “Portfolio 1-on-1” show! You can take a look at her impressive (and award-winning!) portfolio here:

Welcome, Leslie!