Studio MPLS Hits NYC!

Our very own Ross Bruggink spent this last weekend brushing elbows and sipping martinis with some of highbrow culture’s biggest of big shots.  Long story short, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s new anti-sex trafficking foundation, DNA, partnering with clothing retailer Steven Alan and Threadless, created a contest to find a shirt design that truly encompassed the organization and its values and convictions. The winning designer would be flown out for a five-star weekend in NYC, including a room in the palatial Tribeca Grand Hotel, and a spot on the guest list for Ashton and Demi’s red carpet DNA launch party.

Well, as I’m sure you’ve deduced by now, Ross won.  It was quite surreal to google search Ashton Kutcher (a daily activity for us) and see him strutting down the red carpet donning Ross’s shirt.

While at the party, Ross really worked his Dutch charm and handed out a bevy of Studio MPLS business cards.  Needless to say, we’re all really looking forward to becoming the design studio of A-list celebrities. Feel free to call us whenever your next project comes up, Snooki.

Only in Minnesota

Only in Minnesota would this happen.

The car on the right belongs to our fearless leader, Dan Olson.  The car on the left belongs to a barista of the nearby coffee shop.  Beneath Dan’s car is a thick sheet of glare ice.  Add in the healthy incline of the parking lot, and you have a disaster of Bruce Willis proportions.  Lucky for Dan, he has two incredibly robust co-workers.  With four men at the rear bumper, we were able to lift the Volkswagen away from Dan’s automobile.

Both cars escaped without any significant damage and minimal emotional trauma.

Business Cards

Our incredibly talented friends over at Print4Change just finished up our new business cards.  We are all very excited about their arrival — especially Andy, as he now has hours and hours of work to do placing the info stickers on the cards.

Our Workspace

We consider ourselves terribly fortunate to work in the office space that we do.  We share our studio with a local boutique ad agency, Brew Creative.

Six months ago, the Studio MPLS office space doubled as Dan’s dining room.  Certainly, it is nearly impossible to beat Dan’s dining room, but the our current space may just have done it.

If you are ever taking a romantic stroll across the Stone Arch Bridge, dining to the nines at Restaurant Alma, or picking up a falafel special at Santana Foods, feel free to stop by and say hi!

New Blog!


A cheery and warm Minnesotan welcome to our new Studio MPLS blog!  We are very excited about this little guy, and will be using him to showcase projects, to regularly feature the work of fellow designers and creatives, to communicate in a more consistent and timely fashion with our friends and followers, and to share various funnies, photos, videos, links, etc.

Please feel free to drop us a line and share with us anything/anyone that would be blog-worthy.

Love always,

Dan, Allison, Ross, Andy