Core Team

  • Dan Olson

    Dan Olson

    Dan is the founder and creative director of Studio MPLS. He is responsible for some of the most highly awarded and recognized design work in the world. He thrives with a pencil and paper in his hand, and has an incredible knack for bringing out the best in everyone around him.

    Dan looks after an energetic pup named Tom. He is a lifelong resident of our fair city of Minneapolis and is happiest at his cabin on Lake Superior, away from the sophomoric toils of his Studio MPLS chums.

  • Ross Bruggink

    Ross Bruggink

    Ross is a senior designer at Studio MPLS. He is to Studio MPLS what Michael Jackson was to the Jackson 5. His work has been featured nearly everywhere, including the toned torso of Ashton Kutcher.

    Ross is married to an equally awesome designer. They are proud parents to a troublesome rabbit, Guy Bun, and a playful pup, Merlin. Ross’s two make-believe childhood friends were named Toby and Prince Diamond. No matter how you pronounce, “Bruggink,” you’re wrong.

  • Allison Newhouse

    Allison Newhouse

    Allison is a senior designer at Studio MPLS, as well as the Mother Superior of interior design for our workspace and many of our clients. Her work often reflects her strong illustration skills, as well as her unique adeptness working with patterns and colors.

    Allison is the resident sage on all things music. She has an undying love for Swedish sensation ABBA, attends more concerts per month than most do in their lifetime, and has been known to host an indelible backyard dance party.

  • Andy Kaul

    Andy Kaul

    Andy is an account manager at Studio MPLS, providing strategic and communications leadership to our projects. As the social butterfly of our introverted Studio family, he will be the first to greet you when you walk in the door and will never turn down a happy hour invitation.

    Andy prepared for a life in the creative industry by attending the University of Minnesota and majoring in the most obscure field of study imaginable: Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature. In his free time, he enjoys cooking food with his wife and watching / playing / discussing soccer.

  • Christina Berglund

    Christina Berglund

    Christina is a designer at Studio MPLS. She started working here while finishing her senior year at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. Incredibly versatile and skilled beyond her years, Christina approaches each project with confidence and clarity.

    As the youngest member of our team, Christina is in charge of keeping us in the loop with things like Justin Bieber and Glee. She also loves eating plain (“standard”) mushrooms, hates seafood, and actually enjoys listening to the song “Christmas Shoes.”

  • Brent Schoepf

    Brent Schoepf

    Brent is a highly talented designer, illustrator, photographer, and musician. He brings a fresh, creative approach to every project we throw his way.

    Brent’s skillset is expansive, his charm is contagious, and his devotion to the consumption of chips and queso is nothing short of respectable. Though he was crowned Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Upper-Midwest Division Champion in 2003, Brent is not one to rest on his laurels.

  • Lindsay Hefferan

    Lindsay Hefferan

    Lindsay is an account manager at Studio MPLS. With a background in coordinating communications and people, Lindsay helps manage our design projects and lends a hand with copywriting and business development.

    Lindsay is a Minneapolis native, though she once lived in the fine city of Seattle. She’ll happily tell you about her affinity for the Seattle Public Library. As such, she likes to spend her free time either reading or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Leslie Olson

    Leslie Olson

    Leslie is a junior designer at Studio MPLS. Before joining our team, Leslie received her BFA in journalism with minors in retail merchandising and french before completing her post-baccalaureate degree in graphic design at Concordia University.

    Leslie is a lifelong illustrator with an “interesting facts about me” list that rivals that guy in the Dos Equis commercials. A few highlights: Leslie memorized the entire Gettysburg Address in third grade, competed on the “Jump for Your Heart” jumprope traveling team, has perfect pitch, is a twin-sister, and has been a vegetarian since 8th grade.